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The Jewellery Chapter

拿督斯里陈闻壬博士 Dato' Sri Dr Patrick Tan

As a brand master and a jewellery expert, Dato’ Sri Dr Patrick Tan has created a unique brand of jewellery called “PATRICK JIN” by combining his theories and using the essence of his wisdom. PATRICK JIN Jewellery collection ranges from Roman numerals to zodiac horoscopes and the nine obsidian astrology that integrates ancient wisdom into creating a marvellous world of jewellery.

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The Theories Behind the Jewellery

The fascinating PATRICK JIN jewellery collection breaks through the stereotype of jewellery as a decoration or luxury item. PATRICK JIN focuses on the philosophies and allusions used, allowing jewellery lovers to experience the meaning and value of jewellery. Whether it is numerology, cosmology, hexagramology, astronomy, digital science, environmental science, behavioral science, five elements of yin and yang or so on, the profound knowledge and research are the important foundation behind PATRICK JIN jewellery design.

“Know your jewellery, love your jewellery”, what we want to build is the bridge between the wearer and their jewellery.

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